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Ron has PKD

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Ron Luccarelli, is a 61-year-old man from New Jersey. He has a genetic kidney disorder called PKD, Polycystic Kidney Disease. The same disease that took his mom and runs throughout his family. Ron had to take out his kidneys because of the disease and he survives solely because of dialysis. He goes to dialysis four days a week, four hours a day for years, cleansing his blood, but the clock is ticking. Ron is badly in need of a living kidney donor for a kidney of blood type B+, O  or any for paired exchange. Ron needs your help, he needs a miracle to save his life!
Do you have the desire to be an angel? If you answered yes, please call the Johns Hopkins Transplant Center at:410-614-9345 Case # Ron1957. Save 1 Person. Save The World.



We Save 1 Person a week who needs a living organ

donor.  Miracles and Media join forces to save lives.


Watch some real life ANGELS on our TV show:





Saves Lives with Saveoneperson App!


Many people need medical miracles and have given up hope. We have seen countless people over time who need living kidney donors, liver donors, bone marrow matches, have their prayers answered by strangers. We created the Saveoneperson App because we see a real need to create a really simple life saving vehicle. The purpose of the Saveoneperson App is to connect people who need medical support with kind-hearted individuals who want to save a life.

1) If you have a medical problem and need support, post yourself on the SAVEONEPERSON App.

2) If you are a kind hearted angel, scroll down the posts of people who need medical support on the SAVEONEPERSON App and reach out to an individual whose story touches your heart and see how you can make a difference in that person's life.

3) Download the SAVEONEPERSON App today!




Kathy has ESRD


Katherine (Kathy) Malone is a 45-year-old woman from the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. She was diagnosed with ESRD (End Stage Renal disease) in 2017. Kathy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in childhood, Kathy also has a long family history of cardiac issues.  When Kathy had heart surgery in 2016, she was told  losing kidney function might be a side effect of the surgery.  Although Kathy's kidneys did not return 100 percent, following the open heart surgery, they did bounce back fairly well and remained stable for a while. That was until Kathy noticed her legs and face were swollen.  That day she went to the nurse and told her something wasn’t right. After testing, the nephrologist said, “You need a kidney. You’re going on dialysis.” Now, Kathy Malone desperately is in need of a living kidney donor.

Do you have the desire to save a life? If you answered yes, please contact her husband Kevin Malone on 708-289-6049. For more details please visit https://kathyneedsakidney.info. Save 1 Person. Save The World.

Father of 2 in need of a living liver donor


Adam Mandel from Florida suffered from colon cancer and beat that unfortuntately it has now spread to his liver. Doctors say that Adam now needs a liver transplant. Adam is registered at a hospital in Cleveland Ohio for the transplant. A liver transplant could ensure that the cancer will not spread. The more time that goes by, the more likely the cancer can progress. Adam is the proud father of two young girls and wants to be around to see these young ladies grow up. Did you know the liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself after 6 to 8 weeks?

Do you have B or O blood and have the desire to save a life? If you answered yes, please contact the kidney matchmaker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 917-627-8336. Save 1 Person. Save The World.

Devora Needs Help With her Heart!


Devora is only 18 years old and her heart literally hurts. Devora was born with a rare heart defect: the flow of blood from her heart to both her lungs - where it fills with oxygen to feed every cell in her body- is mostly blocked. Surgeries have kept her breathing with the help of a tube but now that she's a grown lady, the tube no longer is sufficient. This young lady needs a larger tube to keep her breathing and alive. Devora is drowning, fatigued by smaller efforts, spending more time in bed and her skin and fingernails are becoming bluer due to lack of oxygen. Devora's parents’ hearts are breaking watching their child gasp for air. 



Devora must have that last final operation to implant the adult-size life-giving tube -they have just a few months before she reaches the point where nothing will save her anymore. The cost of the operation is more than $150,000. This amount is more than what her parents have despite using their last penny and asking friends and family for support. To learn more call 972-53-416-7951. Donate online at www.atov.org/donate. Save 1 Heart. Save The World.





Baby Needs Your Prayers


Eliana Cohen is daughter of Shani Levi Cohen and Ariel Cohen from Miami, Florida. Eliana, wasn’t hitting her developmental milestones. At age 1, she was misdiagnosed with hypotonia -reduced muscle tone- but when physical therapy wasn’t improving her condition, her family went back to a neurologist to find answers. The Cohens finally discovered that Eliana has an incredibly rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2, that will keep her from being able to walk and could significantly reduce her lifespan. There’s a new FDA-approved “miracle drug” called Zolgensma that could help this sweet girl lead a healthy life. A one-time transfusion helps deliver the missing cells children with SMA Type 2 lack but the drug has to be administered before the age of 2. Unfortunately, the Cohens’ insurance company won’t pay for the drug, which costs $2.2 million, a jaw-dropping amount. 

The family miraculously raised the money but now requires your prayers for it to work. Do you want to save a life? If you answered yes, find out more here: https://thechesedfund.com/esther/save-eliana




Baby has MDS - Needs Bone Marrow Match!



Maci Hyman is only a 13-month-old baby girl from South Carolina. At this tender young age, instead of playing with other kids, her activities take place in a room at Prisma Health Children's Hospital, where she's been hospitalized since January. Maci was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome, which is a disease that disrupts the bone marrow production of healthy blood cells in her body, often it is a precursor to leukemia. Doctors advised her parents to search for a bone marrow match since bone marrow transplant is the only thing that can 100 percent cure the disease. 


Are you in good health and want to save a life? If you answered yes, please visit  BeTheMatch.org and take the test to see if you can save Maci. The test is just swabbing the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab. The test is simple and free for anyone. You can also donate to help Maci's family with medical expenses by clicking https://www.gofundme.com/maci-mae039s-fight-against-leukemia or click https://www.facebook.com/macisfight/ for more information.


21-Year-Old Needs A Living Kidney Donor


It's every mom's worst nightmare when your child needs life saving help. Mitchell Webster is a 21 years old boy from Framingham, MA. Mitchell graduated from college in 2015 and he worked part-time at a dog day care. He was a healthy young man until a month before his 20th birthday.  Mitchell got up in the night and began vomiting out of nowhere. When the problem persisted for more than a week, he visited his doctor. Mitchell’s blood pressure was extraordinarily high -at 245/145-. After a number of tests, a CT scan and a biopsy, the doctors determined that Mitchell has stage IV Renal Failure -kidney disease. Now, Mitchell needs dialysis for 12 hours a week. And is hooked up with machines three times every week just to survive. Mitchell Webster needs a living kidney donor with type A or type O blood to go back to his normal life. His mother, created a facebook page, has made bumper stickers for her car and printed a set of car magnets, and many other articles with Mitchell’s picture to ask people to consider becoming kidney donors. After months of effort, the family’s search to find a donor for Mitchell continues. 


“Every month I kind of think, like, this is the month that I get the kidney,” Mitchell said. Are you in good health and want to save a life? If you answered yes, contact UMass Memorial Live Donor Kidney Transplant program @ 508-334-1269 . Click here https://www.facebook.com/matchingmitchell/posts/980411665474281 for more information.



The Magic of the Media Saves Torrey!

Save 1 Person Alert, indirectly saves another life, through the miracle of the media.  Hear from Torrey from Florida, what it's like to have your life saved from a complete stranger through the media... To watch complete coverage of the PIX story click here:  http://helpmehoward.pix11.com/2014/07/08/it-was-meant-to-be-howards-helps-art-teacher-find-kidney-donor/


Hear from Sara from NJ who gave her kidney to a complete stranger after seeing on TV, Torrey's medical emergency.



Resource Page!


Over the years, we have seen and heard about many success stories through the organizations below. If you or a loved one need a living organ donor, please also check out these life saving organizations which have saved numerous lives.


1) www.matchingdonors.com, a website where you put your information on the site and volunteers scroll through the profiles to save a life.


2) www.kidneyregistry.com, an organization that will help you find a stranger to donate a kidney to your loved one if you’re not compatible but are willing to donate to others.



3)  www.kidneymitzvah.com, Chaya Lipschivitz donated a kidney to save a life, now she's made it her life mission to find other living kidney donors.


4)  www.floodsisters.com, their father needed a kidney, and they helped find him one. Now, the Flood Sisters help others find the gift of life.



5)  www.renewal.org, an organization that helps Jewish people find a living organ donor.




Elaine Receives a Kidney!

 Elaine Receives the Gift of Life from a Directed Donor!

Elaine DeLeon did not have it easy. After 200 people responded to the Fox segment, a woman went through six months of testing and was approved to be a kidney donor. Approximately a week before the surgery, the hospital informed Elaine that she did not have the right insurance which made the potential donor back out. Elaine went on dialysis without giving up hope. Elaine appeared on various radio and TV segments to put her prayers into action. As fate unfolded, Elaine's close friend's mother had an asthma attack and she suddenly died. Her son, made Elaine the direct donor for his mom's kidney.  


Through tears, effort and prayer, Elaine keep up her fight for her kidney so her three kids could see their mommy alive.  A week or two before her gift of a kidney, Elaine taped educational videos and published them on social media to try to educate the public on kidney donation and to request a kidney for herself. 


God had his own way of answering her prayers. How unbelievable is it that Elaine put out her intention to the universe and it was answered in a way only God could orchestrate.



See Lives Saved Via Save 1 Alerts!


Heshy Fellig, a religious jew from LA, received a life saving organ from a protestant christian woman in Alabama. Marisa Hester, after reading about his dire situation in a Save 1 Person News Alert interviewed him.

Lives Saved & Helped through Save 1 Person:  
  - Living kidney donor for Dr. Richman, via PIX news segment, by stranger in FL.
- Woman from PIX segment donates kidney in altruistic chain - 4 lives are saved
- Mystery illness girl receives life saving services via a PIX News picking up a Save 1 Alert
-  Save 1 Alert indirecty saves Torrey Green in Florida from NJ Resident Sara Nichols, PIX news coverage
- Thousands entered into bone marrow registry
- Diagnosed a disease
- Living kidney donor for John Schoeten of NJ from Tamy Brody of Arkansas via social media
- Extended man's life by one year after referring him to proper care from our viewers
Living kidney donor for Stuart Zimmer by Reginna Grebb in NYC accomplished via 1010 Wins  
- Sight seeing dog for a blind man

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Actor Andy Garcia & Helping Others!

Saving lives has many advantages, this time
I get to meet my favorite actor...


Superstars Saving Lives in the Media!

Giant's Star Odell Beckham Junior scores for saving lives!


  ET's Nancy O'Dell Uses the Media to Find a Cure for ALS!


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Vision of Save 1 Person!



Dr. Ron Richman, from NY, received a gift of a lifetime, a kidney from a stranger in Florida. This life saving match was created when Channel 11's, Howard Thompson (Help Me Howard) picked up a Save 1 Person News Alert to save a life.

Email from Dr. Richman, four years later, "Hi Lauren, Can't believe it has been 4 years since my transplant, I am doing great and living life to the fullest. want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to save my life. I am so lucky to see my children become wonderful productive adults. Life is great when you have health and a great partner-Karen, to share it with. You, Chaya, Allen and of course Lloyd are true miracles sent from God! Happy Thanksgiving Ron Richman”

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