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Save1Person.org Videos:

We are proud to say, that we have had national coverage of our Save 1 Person work. 

Under our video section watch a news package WNBC produced on a life saving match via Save 1 Person. The life saved was  a man dying in LA who needed a living kidney donor, and a complete stranger in Alabama who gave her kidney to that man.  Or watch a sample news break, or our marketing tape explaining the origin of Save 1 Person, or various news pieces produced by various TV stations.  Or watch some of the public service announcements produced by our volunteers.


Andrew McCarthy

Save 1 Video News Break - Request for Living Kidney Donor

Would you like to donate a kidney and save a life?


First Hello To Media Outlets:


Tay Sachs News Break

Tay Sachs News Break MPEG format you must have the correct player. 14.7meg.

WPIX Interview

WPIX Interview MPEG format you must have the correct player. 14.6meg.