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Esti Berkowitz, of Primetime Parenting, sent me a casual email:  "Would you like to interview ANDY GARCIA on his newly-released film At Middleton?"  I thought to myself, would I like to interview Andy Garcia?  YES, I would (jumping up and down with child-like excitement).  He was my crush, my love, my long lost soul mate.  Finally, we were destined to meet.  Although Andy Garcia did not propose, after our chance encounter during the interview, I did find something much more profound than two ships passing in the night.  I found a deeply grounded man who had a lot to teach the world through his work and through his way of being.

The movie, At Middleton, is about two parents played by Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga.  For one day they tour a college campus with their children without their respective spouses.  What we see are two very responsible adults connecting with their lost youth; their lost passion; their lost vulnerabilities.  Both parents also tap into the place where love died inside them and realize love is still possible.  It's not that feel-good movie one would hope for, but it does exemplify the human spirit, the part that can die if not nurtured with youthful exuberance.  The movie also illustrates that it is possible for passion and love to come back alive at a moment's notice.  Don't we all need to be reminded of the important life's lesson that love is always alive.  You just have to tap into it since it is buried so deep within you.

I asked Andy Garcia, during the interview, about his parenting style and how he gives back to the world at large with his super star status.   I thought his answer was brilliant, simple and rooted in the truth.  Andy Garcia told me that charity begins at home, and we start with the ones closest to us.  To be a good parent he said to lead by example not by talk.  Quite often, when we're off to save the world, we forget about the people closest to us who need our support.  Thanks Andy Garcia for reminding this founder and world saver of important life's lessons even if you did not propose during our interview.  I highly recommend At Middleton for many reasons, but if for no other reason to rediscover your lost passions in life.