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A wife, a mother seeking a live kidney donor

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Cindy Elrod. a wife and a mother, needs a kidney. She was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease in December 2013. She has been on the waiting list since then. She is on two waiting lists, actually, in hope that she will be able to receive a transplant sooner rather than later. The most certain and expeditious way for her to receive a transplant is to reach out to potential living donors.

Since being diagnosed with PKD and renal failure, she has been on peritoneal dialysis. For 9 hours each night, she is hooked to a machine designed to rid my body of toxins since my kidneys can no longer function as they should. She visits the doctor as least twice each month, has monthly labs drawn, and went from taking no medications to taking ten pills daily. Needless to say, it is a lot to keep up with and can be physically exhausting. She is limited in her ability to travel to spend time with family and friends, as the equipment and supplies required for peritoneal dialysis are bulky and numerous. She also has diet restrictions to include no chocolate, ice cream, or sodas.

Receiving a transplant would change her life in so many ways. She would have the time and energy to be the active mom she would like to be. she would be free from dialysis, allowing her more freedom to travel and visit family and friends. She would feel better and be able to enjoy the things she is currently missing.
If you would like to be tested as my potential donor, I could never thank you enough. My blood type is O.

 We need to help this mother to live a long life. Would you consider being a living kidney donor to Cindy? if you answered yes, please contact 

Augusta University
Coordinator: Kate Hefner
706-721-2888, ext. 8560

Or visit:augustahealth.org/transplant, then click on “Become a Living Donor”. She is on the transplant waiting list there and as mentioned above, she is listed at a second transplant center:

Medical University of South Carolina

Coordinator: Sarah Parker

Cynthia M. Elrod, DOB 4/23/60. She can receive a direct transplant from all Type O blood types but anyone could potentially help her, as both of her transplant centers participate in the Paired Exchange Program.

More information on Paired Exchange can be found here:

Thank you for reading her story and for helping however you can. 

Save 1 Person. Save the World.