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Resource Page!


Over the years, we have seen and heard about many success stories through the organizations below. If you or a loved one need a living organ donor, please also check out these life saving organizations which have saved numerous lives.


1) www.matchingdonors.com, a website where you put your information on the site and volunteers scroll through the profiles to save a life.


2) www.kidneyregistry.com, an organization that will help you find a stranger to donate a kidney to your loved one if you’re not compatible but are willing to donate to others.



3)  www.kidneymitzvah.com, Chaya Lipschivitz donated a kidney to save a life, now she's made it her life mission to find other living kidney donors.


4)  www.floodsisters.com, their father needed a kidney, and they helped find him one. Now, the Flood Sisters help others find the gift of life.



5)  www.renewal.org, an organization that helps Jewish people find a living organ donor.