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Inspirational Letters

Letters of thanks and appreciation for the efforts put forth by one and all of our constituents.

Don't Give Up!

At Save 1 Person, people come across all sorts of issues, from health to stress to sometimes issues that seem hopeless.  And quite often there's absolutely no one to talk to. Sometimes one needs a listening ear, sometimes one needs advice, sometimes one needs guidance.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a place you could turn to for help? There are many places one can turn a family member, a friend, a stranger on the street, etc.  I saw this web site for  http://www.liveperson.com/lp/online-therapy, another option to find an outlet for your issues.  Somewhere where you can call for a listening ear, we all need it and sometimes we just don't know where to turn. 
At Save 1 Person, quite often, there are situations that seem hopeless.  And I do firmly believe where there is life, there is hope.  And as I've heard in torah class, even if someone has a knife at your throat, never give up because salvation can come to your problem in a blink of an eye.  My son, reminds me when I get frustrated - don't give up, mommy, it's says in the Torah don't give up.  I think those are words to always live by, don't give up.  I also heard that Thomas Edison tried 9,999 before he had success.  Imagine, if he gave up on the 9,998 try, we would all be in the dark.  Don't give up!

Honor Mark Fisher's Holy Soul - By Saving the Life of Someone with Bile Duct Cancer

This week, as my Save 1 Person News segment, I'd like to take you on a journey in the memory of a special and dear soul who lost his battle with bile duct cancer on 6/4/2011 at 6:13 p.m. Please let me share with you my extraordinary journey with Mark Fisher.  Years ago, we met at Torah classes, we would talk when we bumped into each other for hours about future plans, G-d, and real estate.   One day out of the blue I got a call from Mark saying, "I want to help you take Save 1 Person to the next level."  So we met several times to discuss how to grow the organization.  Mark wanted to pitch Save 1 Person as a show idea to Mark Burnett Productions, because he had a good friend who worked there at the time.  Mark was meticulous, all the i's had to be dotted and t's crossed before we moved forward with our pitch.  At the time, Mark stopped suddenly calling for several months.  Then one day, to my shock and dismay,  Mark called and said I have bile duct cancer. Mark said he would be going to chemo treatments and asked if I would join him at the hospital during this process. From this moment on I learned the definition of strength, courage, commitment, partnership and love for G-d.
Whenever I would visit Mark in the hospital, we would sit for hours and talk not about his illness, but how he could help others.  Mark would spend all of his hours with me trying to solve other people's issues and concerns.  Mark was also in the process of compiling thoughts for a book about how to pray with belief and gather sources to include in this book.  Mark, spent hours with me giving me advice about my litigation with my father's child, and he would spend hours figuring out the best course of direction for his children.
Mark during one of our visits, shared a story with me how actually saved a life.  Mark said he was on his way to a business meeting and riding in an elevator, a man had a heart attack.  Mark proceeded to tell me how he gave the man mouth to mouth and saved this man's life until the ambulance arrived. On a personal note, I hate hospitals for obvious reasons, however, when I left the hospital with Mark, I always felt uplifted, moved and inspired.  It was truly amazing.  You would never know, he was in pain and that he wouldn't walk out of the hospital door.  I must admit I googled, how long one lives with bile duct cancer, and it didn't look good.  When I left the hospital always, I believed Mark would walk out that door.  Why? Because Mark simply he believed he would.  Mark was completely secular years ago and in his spiritual journey in the last two years he taught me what true "emunnah" (belief) in G-d .......I saw Mark attach his spirit to G-d in a profound and deep way, beyond words for me.  In the last days of his life, I was allowed to go to the hospital to say good bye to Mark, my beloved friend.  One's physical eye could see Mark was losing his battle with this disease, his eyes were yellow, he had lost substantial weight in the last several weeks and he was too tired to hold his body up.  When I was talking to him, I was trying so hard not to burst out crying (my dear friend was dying) and it was imperative to stay hopeful in the face of the last visit and Mark's belief a miracle was around the corner.  Mark's final words to me were, come back in twenty minutes, "I am going to be much better."
G-d was with Mark in this journey, Mark was clear with that concept and thought.  And I was amazed even in Mark's final moments of his life, how his belief could be so strong.  One could argue, well he died - was G-d really with him?  Mark was leaving behind a beautiful wife, three children and who could ever figure out the real reason why........  And when Mark died, he left this world letting us know he had completed his mission here on Earth, simply by the time of his death.  Anyone who knows Torah and Judaism, knows there are 613 mitzvoth. Mark left this world at 6:13 p.m Mark battling this disease accomplished his mission - 6:13.  To me, it was a clear that G-d was with him and his will was encompassed and meshed with G-d's will. Mark's spirit was truly beautiful in how he handled the biggest challenge of his life.
Watching Mark's battle, left me thinking maybe miracles don't appear the way we hope or expect but in other ways that are truly life altering and changing. Maybe what was miraculous that Mark's kept his belief, hope and spirit when G-d was taking his life away.  Nothing could shake Mark's belief and attachment to G-d in his final hours of life - when others might be resigned, Mark said nope G-d is the only healer, and refused to think any other way.
Mark leaves behind children, wife, friends, and family who are clearly not complete trying to make sense of his death.  And that's our challenge.  At the funeral, they had Mark's five-year-old saying Kaddish along with a Rabbi, and the whole service burst out crying.  I was surprised they let a five-year-old say Kaddish.  Yet, the thought that resonated with me, through the words of kaddish by a child - what rang out in the hall were the unspoken thoughts: don't forget about this disease, don't forget about the children and orphans this disease leaves behind!  Don't forget about the bridge we need to build to fix this world, to make sure this world becomes a better place.  Don't forget to find answers for diseases that seem un curable.  Don't forget is what resonated with me through the ringing of a 5-year-old's words reverberating in the funeral hall.  More than don't forget, do something about it, find a cure, reach out to help, and let this be the bridge for something greater, for something holy, for many lives being saved in Mark's holy memory.
Mark Fisher is my hero for the way he handled his greatest battle with grace, ease, dignity, courage and inspiration. Mark is my hero for coming so close to G-d that even in his greatest pain he shined like a star. And is with that sentiment, I'd like to ask all of us to build that bridge in Mark's memory for a better future for mankind.
One bridge is for a charity that deals with this disease:  The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Their mission is to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by bile duct cancer. As their reach continues to expand, they examine ways to improve diagnosis and early detection and advance therapies for prolonging life.  The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation provides help for patients and caregivers, advocates for those afflicted and educates those who do not understand. The non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation is run solely by volunteers having lost a loved one to cholangiocarcinoma or suffering from cholangiocarcinoma and surviving.  As their reach continues to expand, they examine ways to improve diagnosis and early detection and advance therapies for prolonging life. 
The second bridge, I'd like to ask you to consider supporting is for a little baby who has her who life in front of her. Baby Polinia Ostapenko from the Ukraine was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia which is deadly.  This baby needs a liver transplant to survive. This diagnosis occurs in 1 to 20, 000 newborn infants. In the congenital form, the common bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or absent. The only chance for life in this case is to make artificial bile ducts or to undergo liver transplantation.
Would you build a bridge in Mark's holy memory? To find out more about this baby and see how you can make a difference go to: http://deti.zp.ua/eng/show_article.php?a_id=505361#address.
Mark Fisher may have left this world and now perhaps our mission is to build a bridge in Mark's holy memory between death and life for people suffering with liver related medical issues. The bridge we build for Mark between heaven and Earth could be the bridge needed for our own children. To learn more about saving lives via the media please go to www.Save1person.org.

See Lives Saved Via Save 1 Alerts!


Heshy Fellig, a religious jew from LA, received a life saving organ from a protestant christian woman in Alabama. Marisa Hester, after reading about his dire situation in a Save 1 Person News Alert interviewed him.

Lives Saved & Helped through Save 1 Person:  
  - Living kidney donor for Dr. Richman, via PIX news segment, by stranger in FL.
- Woman from PIX segment donates kidney in altruistic chain - 4 lives are saved
- Mystery illness girl receives life saving services via a PIX News picking up a Save 1 Alert
-  Save 1 Alert indirecty saves Torrey Green in Florida from NJ Resident Sara Nichols, PIX news coverage
- Thousands entered into bone marrow registry
- Diagnosed a disease
- Living kidney donor for John Schoeten of NJ from Tamy Brody of Arkansas via social media
- Extended man's life by one year after referring him to proper care from our viewers
Living kidney donor for Stuart Zimmer by Reginna Grebb in NYC accomplished via 1010 Wins  
- Sight seeing dog for a blind man

Read more: See Lives Saved Via Save 1 Alerts!

Thank you so much.

I would like the express my gratitude to Mr. GABRIEL M. ORRICO. for helping me financially. 

Last year I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and was immediately operated.  After the operation, i was subjected to series of chemotherapy (6 cycles was done for me and was finished on May, 2009).  Last June 8, 2009, my doctor said that i have to undergo another 3 cycles of chemotherapy, but unfortunately, our financial resources was already exhausted, no more balance in the health insurance and all of my assests have been sold.  My 15-year old daughter posted my story in this site and thanks to GOD, a certain Gabriel Orrico sent us money which we can used for downpayment in the hospital.  I have already contacted my doctor to set for the schedule of my first chemotherapy.  I am hoping that before we will be discharged from the hospital, God will send us another angel to pay for our discharge bill.  Again thank you very much and may God Bless us all.

Narciso J. Brucelo Jr.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are all Heroes!


1010 Wins Radio in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, featured local heroes and I received a call to do a segment becasue of my work at Save1person.org.  It was quite the honor, because sometimes I doubt the reason why I do this work and its progress at times.  My dream is huge and that is to have Save 1 Person units in every media outlet across the globe, where a reporter at a station broadcasts the need of someone who needs a medical miracle and then their audiences respond to save a life. And every media outlet is branded Save 1 Person.  Right now there's one office, that's me.  Imagine if their were Save 1 Person offices all over the globe.  That's the dream to turn media into a life saving mechanism now and for generations to come. Below is the link to the sixty second 1010 Wins Radio segment. I can't help to think that we are all heroes when we reach out to another to make a difference.  Whether it's a mommy staying up all night with her sick child, or holding that door open for the elderly woman and / or donating bone marrow or a kidney. When we take time out to make a difference in the life of someone else, lives change for the better and it causes infinite ripple effects unseen by the human eye.








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