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Inspirational Letters

Letters of thanks and appreciation for the efforts put forth by one and all of our constituents.

Feeling of support

i know that there is nothing that i can say that will make your pain go away. i don't know what it is like to loss a parent but i do know what it is like to lose a friend. your dad was probably a pretty good friend..huh. well i was just writing to you because i thought it might make you feel a little bit better to know that someone..even a stranger...cares. i hope and pray that you will continue to remember all of the good things about your father and that you can somehow find a way to relieve some of the pain. i know it isn't easy to do but for me just to keep on living and to do things that would make my friend proud of me is what i did to help ease the pain. it still hurts now but i am still able to go on and i still remember her and all of the things that we did together. i know that you are probably tired of people writting and preaching to you about all of your pain and how they are sorry and all of that kind of stuff, so i am going to go now and just leave you with the feeling of support i guess. i ho pe that you find a way to keep living, and the first year is always the hardest. it doesn't ever stop hurting but it does get a little easier. so long and good luck.
savanah brooke

Make this world a better place

I enjoy getting your email in the morning when I come in. But today I was amazed to what I saw, MAKE A DIFFERENCE with "SAVE ONE PERSON, SAVE THE WORLD", this is a program that I feel is wonderful. I hope and pray that the response you receive will be overwhelming. We need to take the time to go up to a policeman, fireman and one of our military personnel and just tell them thanks for the job that do for us. We need to be more open and let others know that each of them is important and that today is the start of the rest of our lives and we can make this world a better place if we all work together.
GOD Bless all of you and America

Ronald F.

Great Site

I was very impressed with this site. Yes, if we all practiced kindness and care of others, what a wonderful world it would be. The golden rule says it all. Glad to see that there are others that share my philosophy. Each day I live I try to do something extra and kind to a fellowman. Even if it is just identifying a person who is down and out and listening to them share, it's a good day.

Thank you for this opportunity to do unto others.

Joanne K.

Stopping to smell the roses

Thank you for stopping to smell the roses. It is refreshing that you have chosen such a loving way to express your gratitude and love. So many people are "avoiding" the memory of 9/11/01 so not to feel the pain. Well, we MUST share the pain and never forget.

Best wishes on this venture.


A simple Thank you

A simple Thank you

To all Americans involved in Save One Person Save the World A simple Thank you for a not so simple task and God Bless You for doing something so beautiful just because you care that much. That is truly "The American Way".

Thanks Again,

Mary J. D.

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