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Addicitons Kill.

Unfortunately, I am well award of addiction and the harmful affects it has on a family. A family member battled addiction for many years, and as a concerned party, I use to attend addicition meetings. The stories were horrific, where whole families were put in jeopardy because of one's person sickness. Addiction is a sickness, some addictions are apparent like drugs, where an individual would certainly need a drug abuse rehab program. A drug addict you can see the visible affects of the disease, other diseases that relate to addiciton are not so apparent like a gambling addict, they look like every day people, you never know what's going on behind closed doors.

The reason why addicitons are so horrible is because, is it becomes the person's one and only love, an addict will do anything to get his/her fix. Some stories I've heard at meetings, are some addicts have refinanced mortgages to get extra cash to fuel the addiciton, to stealing monies from a child's college fund, to stealing at a job, from not only ruining their own lives, but anyone who comes in their path. I can talk from first hand experience as I've had a family member who's battled this disease. an Atlanta Drug rehab or Atlanta alcohol rehab is an answer or step, as there's hope to battle addictions and to regain and recapture life. Not only for the person battling this disease, but for the family and by in the large the world.

If you are physically injured - you may be able to get help.

As people transition to different points in their life, quite often we need guidance navigating life. And what does it mean to actually help someone.  It’s hard sometimes to see the forest from the trees and vice versa, and wouldn't it be nice to know that there are people who could  help you navigate through this process.

If someone is injured physicaly, did you know they may be able to get assistance from the government. When someone is in a difficult situation, sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand through the process.  You can learn more here if you feel you might be entitled to some help.  Isn’t sometimes saving a life, just pointing someone in the right direction?

Be an Angel - Enter the Bone Marrow Registry!

Robin Roberts, GMA anchor, finds donor match after announcement of myelodysplastic syndrome, MDS

By: Jacque Wilson, CNN

Robin Roberts' battle against myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, is just beginning. The "Good Morning America" anchor will undergo chemotherapy before having a bone marrow transplant later this year.

"Bone marrow donors are scarce and particularly for African-American women," Roberts wrote Monday. "I am very fortunate to have a sister who is an excellent match, and this greatly improves my chances for a cure."

More than 10,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with blood-related disorders every year, according to the National Marrow Donor Program. Often the best treatment is a bone marrow transplant. During the procedure, a donor's stem cells are directly transfused into the sick patient's bloodstream. The patient's new cells multiply over time to create healthy bone marrow.

Unfortunately, the chance of finding a match on the national registry is as low as 66% for African-Americans and other minorities, compared with 93% for Caucasians.

Be the Match, the national registry, has 10 million potential donors, but only 7% are African-American. While the percentage is comparable to the overall African-American population in the United States (which is 12%), the registry is meeting only about a third of the needs for African-American transplants, said Dr. Jeffrey Chell, CEO of the National Marrow Donor Program.

It's a disparity that's come up time and again. Last year, the death of Shannon Tavarez attracted attention because doctors were unable to find a bone marrow match for the young Broadway star, who had acute myeloid leukemia.

"It's absolutely critical to have more people on the registry," Chell said. "You're more likely to find a match with someone who shares your common ancestry or ethnicity."

Be the Match tests the immune system's genetic coding to determine bone marrow compatibility. The human immune system has evolved over thousands of years, which is why racial and ethic background is so important. For instance, European-Americans' ancestors may have survived the medieval plague, while African-Americans could have a natural immunity to malaria because of their ancestors' environmental pressures.

If a good match isn't found, the donor's immune system will attack the sick patient's "foreign" cells in a condition called graft-versus-host disease.

As Roberts' situation shows, a sibling is often the best genetic match. But 70% of transplant patients will end up using a complete stranger's bone marrow, according to Katharina Harf, chief inspiration officer of DKMS, the world's largest donation center.

"My mother (who had blood cancer) had six siblings and none of them matched," Harf wrote in a statement. "That's why we started DKMS, to help other patients in need -- so no family would have to go through what we did."

DKMS recently teamed up with Help Remedies to create a first aid kit that includes bandages and a bone marrow testing kit. Now when you get a paper cut, you can possibly save a life.

Chell said Be the Match wants to encourage people to sign up for the registry by dispelling the myth that the donation process is complicated or painful. The registry is launching a national campaign in July for African-American Bone Marrow Awareness Month.

But "nothing works as well as someone who has the courage like Robin Roberts to step forward and let people know what she's going through," Chell said, adding the registry has received an influx of potential donors to its site since Roberts' announcement.

To sign up to be a donor, you must be between 18 and 60 years old and be in good health. Visit BeTheMatch.org for information.

NY Yankee Curtis Granderson a True NY Hero!

This NY Yankee, All-Star, is Making the World a Better Place One smell at a Time.

This Save 1 Person Founder,  went on assignment for Primetimeparenting.com to go sniff out a hot NY Yankee Curtis Granderson who's the face behind a NY Yankee cologne with fellow team mate Mariano Rivera.

My brother was for sure jealous, as when I had the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter at a Starbucks in my neigberhood, and asked for his autograph for my son, my brother's response was "How could you not get Derek Jeter's autograph for me?" I thought for sure when I got a picture with this all-star player it would make my brother go batty.

Anyway, when I had an opportunity to interview Curtis Granderson and ask him about how he's making the world a better place, I was truly impressed with his response, much more than his home runs. Curtis told me about his Grand Kids Foundation, which raises funds for education for inner city youth and sports programs. Curtis's response was that when he became famous through baseball, he felt a responsibility to pay it forward - it was more of a response, how could I not?

So what does Curtis's philanthropic endeavors have to do with the newly released NY Yankee cologne / fragrance for men and women? Curtis said he's not personally receiving a dime for his effort and time for this fragrance. Curtis's compensation goes directly to educatng inner city youth and sports programs. I think Curtis should be a role model for all well known athletes, as well as, all famous notables.

At the press conference a reporter asked who's fragrance is better Derek Jeter's or this NY Yankees fragrance. Curtis said with a chuckle, there's no competition and nothing really to talk about there.

A NY All-Star Yankee with a mission to improve the world one smell at a time. Curtis Granderson hits a home run with every good smelling fan around the world.

We Are Dorks

 Guest post written by Joseph Finch

My vice is bad reality TV, and my husband’s vice is the internet. I guess when you put us together we are a modern nightmare. My favorite shows are all on Bravo, and I can spend hours watching them. I like any of The Real Housewives shows, and I have also been getting into Million Dollar Listing New York. I think the realtors are all annoying, but I love seeing all of the awesome apartments. My husband sits next to me on his laptop connected to internet service eden prairie and plays interactive video games and reads gaming blogs. Some of our friends criticize us for not going out enough, but our life works for us. We spend a lot of time together and it makes us happy to do our own thing. I know we aren’t your typical couple in their mid twenties, but we own our dorkiness. So what if we would rather be at home than out on the town drinking? I think as long as we are happy with who we are it doesn’t matter what other people think.

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