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News Clippings

Save1Person.org News Clippings (pdf format):

Under our News Clipping section read about various lives that have been saved by the work of Save 1 Person.

From the National Enquirer articles on lives saved or featured through our non profit work to the Arabic article which talks about the origin of Save 1 Person. Amazingly after the National Enquirer ran an article about a life we were trying to save, 22 Enquirer readers stepped forward to be living organ donors. 

Explore the exciting work of Save 1 Person: using the media to save lives 1 person at a time.

1010 WINS - John Montone reports

Brooklyn Man In Desperate Need Of A Kidney

John Montone reports - NEW YORK (1010 WINS) - A Brooklyn man has had more than his share of misery and now he’s doing his best to survive because he has a lot to live for. When Richard Woontyler’s kidneys failed three years ago hope was not lost because his teenage son was a perfect match. But the boy was tragically killed while opening his car door on a highway.

Click here for the full story and audio link:

News Clippings (pdf format)

Man Dying of Kidney Disease Saved
- National Enquirer

From Advertiser to Lifesaver
- Jewish Week

Readers Offer to Donate Kidney
- National Enquirer

Hello Readers
- Star Magazine

Arabic magazine article

Imagine That
- Star Ledger, Gene Newman

Fearless Females
- Cosmopolitan