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Worlds In Need

OurĀ Friends who Need Help

Child has Usher Syndrome Type 1

Zachary Root was born deaf. Cohlear implants gave this child the gift of sound.  However, the mother still felt something was still not right. After some time, the family learned their son was going to lose his vision.  Zachary was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type 1.  This disease takes your sight, hearing and balance. Currently, there is no cure. Zachary's mom wants to change that by raising awareness and finding a cure. Go to http://usher1f.org/zachary-root/ to learn more.

Save a Child Sex Slave!

Baby Zane has Neuroblastoma!

It's every mom's worst nightmare.  To hear your child has cancer and may only have months to live. Baby Zane at 7 months old was diagnosed with high-risk Neuroblastoma.  Zane has had two surgeries, chemo and stem cell treatments. Now, the cancer has returned and the family headed to New York this time for life saving treatment. To learn more about Baby Zane and his struggle for life watch this news segment.   click here to make a difference to this little angel https://www.gofundme.com/superzane.  Save Zane. Save The World.

Alison has HLH!

Alison Trontz, a 9-year-old, was recently diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease called HLH.  This is a disease where the immune system does not work properly. The immune system starts to destroy the body's own tissues and organs.The family needs your support to help cover the excessive medical bills. The family would also like to raise awareness for HLH to find a cure. To learn more go to https://www.gofundme.com/alisonneedsyou. Save 1 Child. Save The World.

Jeffrey has FEGS!

Jeffrey Puckett, known as Nate, to his friends from Alabama needs a new kidney. Jeffrey was diagnosed with FSGS and it's lead him to this point. Puckett, 32, wants to work and start a family one day but because of dialysis he's tied to his home. We want to change that? Would you consider giving this man his life back? If you have A or O blood, in good health and have a desire to save a life, call Emory Transplant Center at 8553667989. Let the coordinator know you want to get tested for Jeffrey "Nate" Puckett, DOB 10/16/1983. Or go to his facebook page to learn more at:  https://www.facebook.com/DoNATE-Life-for-Nate-797809963684281/   Save 1 Person. Save The World.