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Worlds In Need

OurĀ Friends who Need Help

Save This Firefighter!

This is a Save 1 Alert.  This firefighter has saved lives.  Now, he needs someone to save his life and to help him breathe easier. Michael Bramhall from Omaha was born with Cystic Fibrosis, he always knew he would need new lungs, and the time is now. Will you rescue this firefighter? Watch this news segment above and then help extinguish this fire. http://cota.donorpages.com/PatientOnlineDonation/COTAforTeamMikeB/  Save 1 Firefighter. Save The World.

Are you Layla's Miracle Match?

This is a Save 1 Child Alert. 10-year-old Layla Sands is running out of time. Layla, from North Carolina, was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia in 2011. The rare condition means her body isn't producing enough new blood cells and her bone marrow is failing. This little princess needs a bone marrow match immediately. Would you get tested to see if you are her miracle match? The test is fast, easy and painless. See if you can save Layla, go to www.bethematch.org or call 1800MARROW 2.. Save 1 Child. Save The World.

Child has CESD!



A nine-year-old girl in Canada is fighting for her life after being  diagnosed with a rare liver condition. Teaghan Gearey's body is not able to get rid of the fat  it stores in her  liver causing scarring and cirrhosis. Teaghan has CESD. The disease causes many sufferers to face-life threatening symptoms within a decade. However, a drug therapy called Kanuma could help. It’s not available in Canada. The family is simply asking that this drug therapy, should be approved for their child in Canada.  Sign the petition and make a difference. To learn more click here: https://www.change.org/p/health-canada-approve-sebelipase-alfa-so-that-my-daughters-life-can-be-saved . Save 1 Person. Save The World.



Boy Needs Heart Surgery!

An Ohio couple is reaching out to help their young boy in need of a life-saving surgery. Eight-year-old Anthony Joyner has had four open heart surgeries in his lifetime. His fifth one is scheduled at a hospital in California and his family is asking for help. Anthony also had a softball size aneurysm on his heart they had to remove. After the surgery the 2nd grader had a stroke, leaving him severely disabled. The family needs your help. If you would like to make a difference for this little warrior, click here: https://www.gofundme.com/fwjqk6n8 Save 1 Child. Save The World.

Find a Cure for FSGS for Matthew!


It's every mother's worst nightmare, to hear your child, has an incurable disease. That's what Dana Levine's family was told when her son, Matthew was diagnosed with FSGS. FSGS is a kidney disease that currently has no cure. When you have FSGS, the filtering units in the kidneys do not work, the proteins in the blood and body leave the body, go through the kidneys and cause the kidneys to scar and fail. Hear Dana's struggle (click above) and be part of the solution.  Nephcure.org has the best and the brightest searching to find a cure, so no child or audlt should have to die from this devestating disease. Learn more and then make a difference http://nephcure.org/. Save 1 Person. Save The World.