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Save 1 Person TV Show


We Save 1 Person a week who needs a living organ

donor in a different state.  We transform media by

consistently using it to save lives.


 Witness our miraculous success stories and see how YOU can be an Angel!





Arcady's Family Need You!

Needs a kidney - Russian Cantors husband Arcady - A 

Arcady Litmanovich from Fairlawn, NJ is suffering from kidney failure. He is only 43, a loving husband and father of two beautiful kids. Arcady Litmanovich, suffered from kidney related problems since he was a young boy. At the age of 14, one of his kidneys was removed and he remained with one malfunctioning kidney. Back then he was also infected with a hepatitis C virus, which he has successfully treated a few years ago. Despite his continuous struggle with Chronic Kidney Disease, Arcady led a fairly normal life-style until about four years ago, when his condition went into a pre-final stage.  Now Arcady is in kidney failure. Since this was an inevitable outcome of his disease, his loving wife Maria started to test to be a donor. She knew that one day she, as his wife and the future mother to his children, would need to take an action, that if she marries this man, there will come a day when she will need to donate one of her kidneys to the love of her life. Maria decided and was preparing herself from the beginning to donate one of her kidneys to Arcady to give him a new life. Maria says- "And thus, every time I would eat a hamburger or drink one or two glasses too much, I would tell myself – “stop, you need to take care of yourself, you have a kidney to donate and it needs to be healthy…” So when the time did come, I was as ready and willing to donate as I could possibly be". Despite all her preparation, efforts and the severe screening process, the medical team reviewed her test results and, informed her that she is not a life-saving match. Now – she is lost. She is looking for a donor ASAP to save Arcady’s life. She tells everyone -“We are in need of a kidney, could you spare yours, please?” We need to help them. We need to be by the side of this brave woman to save her husband, to save these two little kids from losing their father from death. Would you consider being a living kidney donor to Arcady?  if you answered yes, please contact    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call (347) 449-1679 with your blood type and contact information.  Arcady Litmanovich blood type is A. Save 1 Person. Save The World.


Baby only has 2 months to live unless...

This four-month-old has a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia and needs a living liver donor, NOW. We know there's an angel out there who can save this 4-month-old. Can you be his angel? Doctors say without a living liver donor, Abel Bromberg from Indianapolis will not be alive in two months. We want to change that.   Did you know the liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself?  Did you know that you can live a long healthy life if you donate a portion of your liver? Some facts about living liver donation:  there are medical and psychological tests, the hospital stay is about  a week, the donee's insurance pays for medical expenses and while you can't profit financially, you will know for the rest of your life, you saved a life. If you feel called to save this baby's life, Email the mother at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and please cc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Jack has Alport Syndrome!

Jack Guida from Long Island has not had an easy life. Both of his adoptive parents have died and he was born with a very rare disease called Airport Syndrome. This disease damages your hearing, eyes and kidneys. Jack does not have anyone in his corner and he's looking for a stranger to save him. Could you be that angel? Watch this new segment produced by PIX11 to learn more http://pix11.com/2017/11/16/howard-needs-help-to-save-a-life/ And if you are in good health, have A or O blood and have the desire to be an angel, please contact Jack at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Save 1 Person. Save The World.

Elaine Receives a Kidney!

 Elaine Receives the Gift of Life from a Directed Donor!
Elaine DeLeon did not have it easy.  After 200 people responded to the Fox segment, a woman went through six months of testing and was approved to be a kidney donor.  Approximately a week before the surgery, the hospital informed Elaine she did not have the right insurance and the potential donor backed out. Elaine went on dialysis and did not give up hope.  Elaine appeared on various radio and Tv segments to put her prayers into action.  As fate unfolded, Elaine's close friend mother had an ashtma attack which caused a pulmonary aneurysm and she suddenly died.  Her son, made Elaine the directed donor for his mom's kidney.  

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See Lives Saved Via Save 1 Alerts!

Heshy Fellig, a religous jew, from LA received a life saving organ from a religious protestant woman in Alabama, Marisa Hester after she read about his dire situation in a Save 1 Person News Alert.
Lives Saved & Helped through Save 1 Person:  
  - Living kidney donor for Dr. Richman, via PIX news segment, by stranger in FL.
- Woman from PIX segment donates kidney in altruistic chain - 4 lives are saved
- Mystery illness girl receives life saving services via a PIX News picking up a Save 1 Alert
-  Save 1 Alert indirecty saves Torrey Green in Florida from NJ Resident Sara Nichols, PIX news coverage
- Thousands entered into bone marrow registry
- Diagnosed a disease
- Living kidney donor for John Schoeten of NJ from Tamy Brody of Arkansas via social media
- Extended man's life by one year after referring him to proper care from our viewers
Living kidney donor for Stuart Zimmer by Reginna Grebb in NYC accomplished via 1010 Wins  
- Sight seeing dog for a blind man

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Actor Andy Garcia & Helping Others!

Saving lives has many advantages, this time I get to meet my favorite actor...


Superstars Saving Lives in the Media!

Giant's Star Odell Beckham Junior scores for saving lives!


  ET's Nancy O'Dell Uses the Media to Find a Cure for ALS!


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Vision of Save 1 Person!


Dr. Ron Richman from NY recieved a gift of a lifetime, a kidney, from a stranger in FLorida.  This life saving match was created when Channel 11's, Howard Thompson (Help Me Howard) picked up a Save 1 Person News Alert to save a life.

Email from Dr. Richman, four years later, "Hi Lauren, Can't believe it has been 4 years since my transplant, I am doing great and living life to the fullest.  want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to save my life. I am so lucky to see my children become wonderful productive adults. Life is great when you have health and a great partner-Karen, to share it with. You, Chaya, Allen and of course Lloyd are true miracles sent from G-D! Happy Thanksgiving Ron Richman

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Build Up Your Immunity!!!


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